National Basic Science Data Center

        National Basic Science Data Center was developed basing on a national science and technology resource sharing platform established by 42 research institutions affiliated to the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Transport and other organizations.

Overview of data solutions provided by the center

Resources construction

        With more than 20-year preliminary work of scientific data, the center has systematically integrated basic sciences data in various disciplines, geographic regions and frontier research areas such as brain and cognition, stem cells and metabolism. The center has accumulated a total of over 2.7 PB of data resources including 2 sub-centers and 23 subject databases.

Achieved remarkable outcomes

        The center has developed 34 management specifications, 57 technical standards and 30 national standards, provided services to more than 2,000 key research projects, with more than 8,000 citations in research papers. In 2021, the center achieved “Top 13th Five-Year Plan Informatization Achievements of the CAS” and “Top National 13th Five-Year Plan Science and Technology Innovation Achievements”. In 2021 and 2022, the center was selected as one of the “Top ten scientific data work progresses of the CAS”.

Management and Technical Standards System

National Standards developed by the center

8,000+ citations in research papers

The Achievements were exhibited

National Basic Science Data Center User Portal

        The center provides one-stop solution and comprehensive technical support based on its advanced cloud computing and cloud storage infrastructure. Data services provided by the center include data archiving and sharing, data analysis and mining services etc., with 155 thousand registered users, a total of 198,670.4 thousand number of visits and data downloads of a total of 2163.56TB.